1. About Us

We welcome you to our website/Mobile Application. Verce Solutions Private Limited has been created with a view and passion to help Merchant/seller to create their online store and merely acts as a platform which allows the third-party Merchant to connect with the customer to sell their products. The online platform seeks to home deliver items by the Merchant themselves or by independent third-party logistics service providers appointed by the Merchant / seller. Neither Verce nor its affiliates provide any direct sale to the customers, but acts as a platform for merchants to set up their online store for their products. The Website/Mobile Application is operated by Verce Solutions Private Limited, a Private Limited Company incorporated under the Indian Company Laws.

Terms of Use:

The website https://glokal.live (Website) and mobile application ‘Glokal’ (App) (Website and App collectively referred to as the “Platform”) is operated and managed by the Company.

Our Privacy Policy is incorporated as part of this website/mobile Application. Please register yourself in the platform and access or view the platform only if you are agreeable to be bound by this Privacy Policy. In case you are not agreeable to the terms of the privacy policy or do not wish to be bound / obligated by these terms and conditions, we kindly request you not to register access / view this website / Mobile Application.

Please read this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use carefully before accessing / registering yourself in the platform. By continuing to access this platform, please note that you agree to be bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Our services have to be used legally and as permitted by law. Verce Solutions Private Limited has the right to completely stop providing or suspend their services if you do not comply with our terms or policies. The contents, listings or any information provided in the website / Mobile Application may be changed at any time by us without notice by updating the privacy policy. You agree to review the Terms and conditions / Privacy Policy regularly and your continued access or use of the website/ Mobile Application will mean that you agree to and abide by the updated Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy.

2. Information

We collect the information of the Merchant/seller as provided by you such as name, business name, payment information, your IP address and the like. We also collect and store certain information using cookies like purchase and content use history, the location of your device and the like.

As a Merchant/seller, you are first required to register yourselves prior to using our services. Note that the collected information during the user registration process is governed as per the privacy policy. Please read the privacy policy before divulging the above-mentioned personal information.

On being prompted for Registration as a new merchant, you are required to provide basic information such as Name, Business name, location and nature of products sold under your Name.

As a user willing to register and to use the services rendered by us you understand and agree that by availing the services we may directly or indirectly collect and store information regarding your access and use of our website / Mobile Application and your personal details that were shared during the Registration. You agree that we may use such information for any purpose related to any use of the website / Mobile Application including but not limited to:

1. Provide, troubleshoot and improving the performance of the website / Mobile Application; and

2. verifying compliance with the terms and other conditions.

3. For internal purposes of the Company such as enhancing security of the Platform, auditing, testing, troubleshooting, data analysis and research conducted either indirectly/directly by Company;

4. Complying with the legal obligations like place of establishment or the registered Office to verify identity and other tax related purposes

5. To protect the Merchant/seller by preventing fraud and abuse and to protect the security of our merchants and the customers.

3. Reason for collection of Information

The platform is involved in rendering services relating to providing an online platform to act as a bridge between merchant/sellers and the customers. Verce Solutions is not involved in any of the internal dealings between the customers and the Merchant / Seller and merely acts as a facilitating platform for merchant/seller so as to enable easy access of products to the consumer. The platform collects preferences of the users and provides a personalized search result. The website / mobile application may track the IP address of a user’s device and save certain information on their system in the form of cookies. A user has the option to accept or decline the cookies by modifying it on their Device.

The information from users is collected for the following reasons:

4. Applicability of this Privacy policy

The terms mentioned in this privacy policy herein shall apply to Merchant/sellers, who have visited the site to browse with no intention of committing their information to the website and the registered users who are willing to divulge their information to ensure continued support of a personalized nature from the platform.

5. Details of information is collected & shared

The personal details / information that are given by the visitors like name, mobile number, city and country of current residence, location, IP addresses are collected. The platform however, is not liable for any information compromised as a result of interaction of the users with any third party sites which has been advertised / found in our website / mobile app.

Information: That is collected from Registered Users: If you create and register an account with us, you are required to give us certain information during creation of your account. We ask all registered users to provide a name, business name, mobile number, city and country of current residence, and other details.

We may collect information of the customer based on the products viewed by them, or stored by them in their carts. We shall share all the information as and when needed to you. You undertake not to share the same with any third parties exceeding the scope of engaging such third parties.

When the consumer orders any products you will be notified of the details of the consumers not limited to name, address and phone number. You agree that consumer information or any other information relating to use of the services may contain confidential and personal information. You agree and undertake that all the Confidential or personal Information will remain the sole property of Verce Solutions and that you will use such Information for the purpose of sale of products to the consumer. You agree and undertake not to store or disclose the Confidential Information received by you to any other Person except as required to comply with the Law. As a matter of principle you are prohibited from using Confidential or personal Information or any other data in any way inconsistent with applicable Law. You must keep customer personal data confidential at all times even after the termination of the relationship / agreement. This clause is not applicable to the consumers data which has already been with the Merchant / Seller prior to the agreement with Verce Solutions.

Please note that the information provided by the customers is shared to you (Merchant/Sellers). However, you are estopped from misusing the information shared to you in a confidential basis outside the scope of the purpose of such divulging.

Individuals / customers / organizations who provide us with their mobile or phone numbers on-line may receive telephone or text and Whatsapp messages from us with information regarding new products and services or upcoming events. The Merchant/sellers shall not divulge any information conveyed to them for the purposes of conducting business on the platform created by us to provide ease of business access to the customers. Any information not limited to the user id, addresses or payment information shall not at any cost be shared by the merchant/seller to any third party including the delivery agents, exceeding the scope of necessity warranted by such services.

6. Data Retention & Account Deletion

6.1 Data Rentention: Where you are a Registered User, we retain your data for as long as you remain a Registered User. Where you decide to cancel your Glokal account your data will be deleted or anonymised so that you cannot be identified from the information.

6.2 Account Deletion: If you wish to withdraw your consent for the use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner provided in this Policy or you want your data/account to be deleted, please do so from the Glokal App -> Login -> More -> Delete Account. Your deletion request shall will be effective immediately. We may not be able offer you any or all Services upon such withdrawal of your consent.

7. Security Issues

The Accuracy and Confidentiality of Your Account Information Is Your Responsibility: You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy and accuracy of your account information at all times.

8. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

Please note that in case of any dispute with Verce Solutions Private Limited generally or specifically related to the privacy policy or the terms and conditions, belongs to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Hyderabad, India and is governed exclusively by Indian Laws.

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